Team Shine

Team Shine DentalWithout question, our greatest asset is our people, nearly 17,000 Team Shine Dental Members who deliver excellence in customer service every day of the year. Whether our customers meet with a field sales consultant, talk with a telesales representative, or are visited by an equipment sales and service representative, they know that each Team Shine Dental Member has the knowledge, the tools, and the desire to meet their needs.

Behind every one of our customers are highly motivated, multicultural Team Shine Dental Members who share a singular focus on customer service. This focus begins with each individual's clear understanding of his or her responsibilities, a commitment to succeed, and the knowledge that Team Shine Dental Members are rewarded for success through our incentive-based compensation and Employee Stock Ownership Program.

At Shine Dental, we are goal-oriented, and look to Team Shine Dental for coaches, facilitators, and mentors who can help us achieve our goals. We encourage our Team Shine Dental Members to cut through bureaucracy and drive multifunctional teams. This entrepreneurial environment flourishes in an atmosphere of mutual respect based on the Team Shine Dental "Wheel of Success" — a belief that each Team Shine Dental Member is a spoke in the wheel and each member is as important as the next in achieving ultimate success.

Training is an integral part of the continuing career development of Team Shine Dental Members. For example, an intensive week-long training program, including sessions on sales skills, product demonstrations, and technology training on several of our new proprietary computerized sales tools, equips our field sales force with the knowledge they need to succeed. Through this program and ongoing sessions, we are dedicated to developing the best and most productive sales force in the industry — one that is thoroughly trained and equipped to meet our customers' needs.

We also recognize that service extends beyond the workplace to our home communities. Team Shine Dental Members are involved in numerous and diverse volunteer activities, including Back to School and Holiday Cheer for Children. This spirit of corporate citizenship is also exemplified through Shine Dental Cares, our global social responsibility program.

Everything we do is focused on service and our customers. Through Team Shine Dental's efforts, we are reaching our goal of being a trusted advisor and consultant, offering our customers the tools and expertise to run their practices in the most efficient and profitable ways possible.

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