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GoingGreenAt Shine Dental, we believe that an important part of "helping health happen" is protecting the health of planet earth. Committed to doing our part, Shine Dental embraces environmental stewardship as a pillar of our corporate social responsibility efforts. As a trusted advisor to our customers, we help health professionals who are concerned about the environment to "green" their practice. We work with nearly 17,000 Team Shine Dental Members around the world to ensure that each member of the Shine Dental family has the tools and information they need to minimize our footprint on the environment. At Shine Dental, we firmly believe, together we can make a difference.

How is Shine Dental GREEN?


  • Each of our offices in Melville, NY achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Certification. This certification recognizes that our corporate offices have been designed to conserve energy and water, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and be safer and healthier for workers. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, companies that participate in the LEED process demonstrate "leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility."


  • We have made significant improvements to the energy efficiency of the lighting at our facilities.
    • 100% of the Shine Dental Dental Sales and Service Centers have energy efficient fluorescent lighting.
    • Motion-activated light sensors, installed throughout our offices, also significantly drive down energy consumption.


  • Over the past decade, the heating and air-conditioning technology at our operations has been upgraded to modern efficiency standards.
    • Our Shine Dental Dental Sales and Service Centers use solar film on facilities' windows to control temperature and energy leakage.
    • Melville East, one of the buildings at our headquarters, replaced outdated and inefficient fuel oil boilers with two new condensing style dual-fuel boilers for improved equipment efficiency.
    • Melville West, a second building at our headquarters, added a "cool roof" membrane made of a single-ply, tri-polymer alloy with reflective characteristics, thereby reducing our reliance on air conditioning to control temperatures.


  • Shine Dental partners with transportation operations that participate in the EPA's "SmartWay" program, a public-private collaboration that helps us transport our goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible in order to protect the environment and enhance the United States' energy security.


  • In our facilities' throughout the world, we have programs to recycle aluminum, glass, computers, electronic equipment, printers, and toner cartridges.
    • Electronics in good condition may be sold to Team Shine Dental Members at minimal cost to give them a "second life."
    • Our lamp recycling program reduces the negative impact associated with the disposal of mercury-containing fluorescent lamps.
    • At distribution centers, we are especially diligent about recycling all materials. In 2013, over 8,000 tons of material was recycled.