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Product Description

Item code: DMG909200
Description: 50 Automix-Tips Yellow 1:1

Item code: DMG909201
Description: 50 Intraoral-Tips Yellow

Item code: DMG909490
Description: 50 Automix-Tips Green 1:1

Item code: DMG909400
Description: 50 Intraoral-Tips Transparent

Item code: DMG909202
Description: 50 Automix-Tips Pink 1:1

Item code: DMG909203
Description: 50 Conturation-Tips

Item code: DMG110409
Description: 45 Automix-Tips Blue 10:1

Item code: DMG212040
Description: 50 Smartmix-Tips Short

Item code: DMG212042
Description: 50 Smartmix-Tips Combi

Item code: DMG212041
Description: 50 Smartmix-Tips Endo

Item code: DMG212280
Description: 50 Endo-Tips Yellow

Item code: DMG213373
Description: 20 Smartmix-Tips Endo M

Additional Information


50 Automix-Tips Yellow 1:1, 50 Intraoral-Tips Yellow, 50 Automix-Tips Green 1:1, 50 Intraoral-Tips Transparent, 50 Automix-Tips Pink 1:1, 50 Conturation-Tips, 45 Automix-Tips Blue 10:1, 50 Smartmix-Tips Short, 50 Smartmix-Tips Combi, 50 Smartmix-Tips Endo, 50 Endo-Tips Yellow, 20 Smartmix-Tips Endo M


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