Ritter Ultra Performance E

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Product Description

Manufacturer: Ritter

1) LED Operating Light
– high intensity LED operating light
– silent; no fan
– removable handles for sterilization
– rotation with two axis movement
– daylight color temperature 5.000 K
– level of brightness 3.000 – 35.000 lux
– maximum light intensity 50.000 lux

2) Water Unit / Cuspidor
– state of the art designed floor mounted water unit
– easy access panel for easy maintenance
– pressure regulator for cup filler and spittoon
– public water connection and Aqua Bottle System
– rotating porcelain cuspidor, easy to clean
– removable spittoon components for easy cleaning
– timed cup filling and spittoon flush
– autoclavable water spouts

3) Dentist Element
– advanced control panel allows dentist to control functions of all instruments, Scalar, light, cuspidor and the programming of the dental chair
– program for flushing instrument lines
– integrated x-ray viewer
– All outlets are fiber optic
– hygienic, disinfectable control panel
– pneumatic armbrake sensor controlled
– Dentist element with free positioning and control of 5 instruments
– 6 instrument holders, Version S only 5
– basic equipped with 1 fibre optic turbine outlet , 1 Micromotor 3-way syringe (6-way syringe optional)
– smooth one-hand operation with ergonomic handle and integrated sensor for pneumatic brake
– individual water regulation for turbine, Micromotor and Scaler
– Instrument tray
– chip blower for rotating instruments
– free relay connection for door opener with console button

4) Ritter Foot Controller
The approved Ritter Multi-function controller:
– control of all positions of patient´s chair
– control of instruments with easy change between with/without irrigation
– chip blower function

5) Assistant Element
– assistant touch pad allows control for chair movement, cup filler and bowl rinsing
– saliva ejector and high surgical suction lines
– Cup filler with timer function
– 2 electric main plumbing entrance valves for air and water
– one additional free holder
– Option: 3-way or 6-way syringe, curing light

6) Patient chair
– modern designed ergonomic patient chair
– controlled by dentist and assistant control panel and foot controller
– electric chair (driven by 24V DC Motor)
– chair movement by two electric motors: one to lift the seat and another for the back rest
– 4 chair programs including “back to last position” when patient was in spittoon position
– auto return function
– safety switches
– synchronization between backrest and seat (Trendelenburg)
– left armrest and rotating right armrest
– double articulated headrest
– extra large back seat and comfort upholstery, perfect for longer treatments and tall patients
– Seat with excellent guide for positioning buttocks and legs
– special shaped backrest for shoulder and dorsal
– no gap between headrest and backrest, headrest specially designed for free positioning of patients head
– headrest double articulated
– smooth “soft-entrance” function
– seamless upholstery available in 12 colors
– strong metal ground plate for good stability of the unit


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