Reverse Curve of SPEE (R.C.S) Archwires – Super Elastic Nitanium(10/pack) – .016 Lower


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Item code: OR100-602
Size: .016 Lower
Manufacturer: Ortho
Description: Ortho Organizers offers three Reverse Curve of Spee(R.C.S) archwire shapes to meet your curve of spee correction needs. All three shapes are carefully finished to ensure the archwire slides easily through the bracket slot while applying continuous force for ideal movement. R.C.S. Archwires may be used for bite correction, or with springs and elastomerics for retraction.

R.C.S Archwires are best suited for:
. Preventing molar tipping and rotations
. Maintaining anterior torque
. Initial leveling and aligning
. Arch consolidation and expansion
. Deep and open bite correction
. Retraction of flared, protruding incisors


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