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AlloOss Large Particle Cancellous Particulate

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This cancellous particulate product has demonstrated exceptional results, from regeneration of periodontal defects to complete bone fill of extensive bony defects
The trabecular cancellous matrix foundation encourages the ingrowth of blood vessels containing the progenitor mesenchymal cells necessary for ostoeblastic and osteoclastic formation. Osteoblasts then begin to deposit layers of new bone, while osteoclasts remove entrapped graft particles while modeling the bone
Provides scaffold for cell ingrowth and acts as a guide for rapid bone regeneration
Remodels completely
Able to stabilize implants after 4-6 months.


Brand: ACESubheader: mineralized (allograft) human boneUnit of Measure: eachParticle Size: 1000-2000 mic.Weight Volume: .5cc

Product Description

Manufacturer: ACE

AlloOss combines natural collagen and minerals with the bony structure of allograft to promote new bone formation. The existence of these natural minerals and collagen facilitate remodeling of the host bone suitable for implantation The complete line of ACE alloOss products have been processed and sterilized to the highest standards set forth by both American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and FDA, providing one of the purest particulate and blocks available today.

Item code: ACE1107001
Description: Particle Size: 250-1000 mic.Weight Volume: .5cc

Item code: ACE1107002
Description: Particle Size: 250-1000 mic.Weight Volume: 1cc

Item code: ACE1107101
Description: Particle Size: 1000-2000 mic.Weight Volume: .5cc

Additional Information


250-1000 mic.Weight Volume: .5cc, 250-1000 mic.Weight Volume: 1cc, 1000-2000 mic.Weight Volume: .5cc


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