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PODOLOGIA – Lemi Multi Couch Bed

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Product Description

Podo 1: A multifunctional couch-bed offering technical characteristics designed to meet the needs of podiatry sector professionals. The Podo 1 chair is an indispensible tool which provides both the customer and the operator with maximum comfort. Available in the 110 and 220 VCC versions, with 2 electric motors (height and trendelenburg), the Podo 1 is built upon a galvanized steel sructure.

Podo 3 is a multifunctional couch-bed designed for use by podiatry and beauty sector operators. The Podo 3 is one of a series of beds created by Lemi Group to meet the needs of the sectors’ professionals. The standard version comes complete with an ergonomic mattress, collapsible or automatic armrests and 180° rotation. The unit also comes equipped with electrical height adjustment.

Podo 5 podiatry chair is equipped with 5 motors for adjusting the leg rests, the backrest, the seat bottom and the chair’s height, and comes complete with a pedal control and an automatic AUT reset command for bringing the chair back to its semi-reclined position.
The standard version comes equipped with an adjustable and removable headrest, an anatomic mattress and automatic armrests, and can be rotated by 180°. The model even comes complete with new innovative electric leg rest fully extended.

Ideal for: Podiatry sessions and esthetic manicures and pedicures.                                                                                                                                       The casing is available in white, grey and black. The upholstery is available in the following colors: Tundra, Stamskin.                                          2 Years




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