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Product Description

Item code: OR106-408
Description: Length: 36mm
Manufacturer: Ortho
Description: The Mushroom Looped Archwire is made of CNA
Beta III Nickel-Free Wire, which is an advanced special-memory alloy material. The
Mushroom Looped
Archwire has an improved loop shape which increases the efficiency of space closure, anterior intrusion, retraction, and elastic engagement. In addition, the rounded gingival portion of the loop, unlike the traditional T-Looped and similar archwires, is more anatomically shaped resulting in a tissue friendly appliance. Therefore, you will find an increase in patient comfort and satisfaction. We recommend using sizes 24 mm to 40 mm for loop activation between the lateral and cuspid; use sizes 52 mm and 56 mm for loop activation between the cuspid and bicuspid. The
Mushroom Looped
Archwire is available in two packaging options: packs of 5 or in a kit (4 each of size 24 mm to 40 mm: 36 total).
Product features:
• Nickel-Free Beta Titanium • Bendable • Smooth, polished surface • Lower force • Larger activation range • Gradual force decay
Treatment benefits:
• Space closure • Provides anterior intrusion/retraction • Allows torque or root movement of incisors • Control of root position of posterior teeth • Pre-formed loops and consistent force reduce chair time • Archwire segments can be activated independently


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