Shine Dental Dental is committed to continuously offering our customers the latest equipment technologies geared towards the dental professional seeking superior treatment options through the use of quality, innovative products. Below is a snapshot of our newest line of equipment products designed to maintain a productive, yet competitive practice.

NEW! Acteon - SoproCARE

  • High sensitivity CCD 1/4"
  • Resolution: (752 x 582) PAL ; (768 x 494) NTSC
  • Definition: 470 lines
  • Sensitivity: 2 lux
  • Lighting: seven LEDs
  • Adjustment: four preset positions (Extra-oral, Intra-oral, CARE, Macro)
  • 3 positions: PERIO mode, CARIO mode and DAYLIGHT mode
  • Non-inverted image
  • Image capture through SoproTouch or footswitch (optional)
  • Angle of view: 70°
  • Cable length: 2.5m
  • Handpiece dimensions: L : 200 ; W : 28 ; H : 24mm
  • Usable part dimensions: W : 14.4 x d : 8mm
  • Handpiece weight: 78g

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Acteon - SoproCARE

NEW! CAO Lasers - Precise® SHP

The Precise® SHP Diode Laser System is the first to perfectly combine state-of-the-art diode laser technology with the cutting-edge operating system of an iPod touch®. The revolutionary Precise SHP enhances everyday dentistry with real-time technical support through FaceTime®. Every practitioner will have precise control and be able to shape gingiva, achieve hemostasis, remove inflamed tissue, debride periodontal pockets, offer in-office professional teeth whitening, and provide temporary pain relief for soft tissue, joint and muscle pain.

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CAO Lasers - Precise® SHP

NEW! i-CAT® FLX Cone Beam 3D System

Introducing the i-CAT® FLX ConeBeam 3D system, designed to provide greater flexibility in scanning, planning, and treatment. This latest advancement in the i-CAT's award-winning technology offers a range of innovative features that deliver increased clarity, ease-of-use, and control. i-CAT FLX delivers full dentition 3D imaging at a dose lower than a 2D panoramic X-ray* with QuickScan+.
*data on file

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i-CAT® FLX Cone Beam 3D System

NEW! Viive - Practice Management for the Mac

Viive is a refreshingly clean and elegant practice management system built for the Mac and engineered to take advantage of the Mac’s strength and simplicity. Viive is designed by dentists with a unique patient-centric workflow, making it easy to access almost anything with a single click. It’s exactly what you need to practice dentistry your way.

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Viive - Practice Management for the Mac

NEW! ZEISS Dental Microscopes

OPMI® pico is a compact, high-performance, easy-to-use microscope. It features many innovative functions that optimize the quality of treatment.

MORA Interface enables you to easily and precisely move OPMI pico into the desired position. You'll find the most impressive feature to be the upright viewing position that remains constant regardless of the angle of the microscope. The MORA Interface is unique to the market and exclusive to the OPMI pico dental microscope.

The large selection of accessories enables you to configure OPMI pico for any conceivable treatment situation. The integrated video camera option for OPMI pico facilitates one-touch, on-demand documentation essential to the communication process with both patients and staff during treatment.

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ZEISS Dental Microscopes

NEW! 3Shape Digital Impression Solution

3Shape TRIOS® Color is a next-generation intraoral impression solution that is fast, accurate and easy to use. TRIOS® Color is built on 3Shape's Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology and its features include high accuracy capture in color, spray- and powder-free scanning, clinical scan validation, intuitive Smart-Touch user interface, and more. TRIOS® is optimized for a wide range of indications.

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3Shape Digital Impression Solution

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