About us

Our First Dental Laboratory, Hi-Tech, was started in the year 2008, and the Second Dental Laboratory, Smile Via Hitech, was started in the year 2011.

At our Dental Labs, we want to build strong and lasting relationships. Our foundation is built on quality, value, and exceptional customer care. These values can be found in everything we do and you have our promise that our actions will speak louder than words. We’ve built an incredible team at our Dental Labs and their commitment is on living our unique values each and every day. Our vision is to become the Total Solution for your patients and your practice. That’s why we are building our network of our Dental labs across the GCC each focused on consistently delivering the best products, services, and educational programs.

Our digital processing center in Qatar is a state-of-the-art facility managed by a team of the most experienced digital and CAD/CAM manufacturing experts. We have embraced the rapid technology changes that are impacting dentistry while still respecting tradition. By combining the latest digital technology with skilled craftsmanship, we will deliver consistent quality and value. We deliver confidence everyday, in every market.

Our Labs makes it easier than ever for you to embrace the digital era. We work closely with you throughout every case.

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